Virginia Lawyers’ Weekly Publishes Million Dollar Settlements List for 2022 Cases

A list of Virginia’s Million Dollar Settlements for 2022 from Virginia Lawyers’ Weekly1 published March 27, 2023, includes Wallace B. Wason, Jr, for his representation in a medical malpractice case for a client who had survived prostate cancer and a radical prostatectomy only to discover years later through his own diligence that his PSA levels were higher than normal, which indicated that that the cancer had returned. Because his doctor was not informing him of these abnormal PSA results nor acting upon them, his cancer metastasized. Because of this failure to diagnose recurring cancer by the physician, the patient was not timely diagnosed or treated for this recurrence in time to save his life.

Compassionate Representation in Complex Cases Result in Million Dollar Settlements

This case is only one of many that have made the attorneys at Wallace Wason, PLLC known for their compassionate representation in the most complex of medical malpractice cases throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as neighboring jurisdictions. Our attorneys are well versed in the complexities of medical malpractice as well as the laws surrounding it.

Portrait of Attorney Elizabeth H. HamlinPortrait of Wallace B. Wason, Jr.A client-focused malpractice law firm, like Wallace Wason, PLLC, focuses on helping clients make serious recoveries for serious injuries while representing victims of medical negligence.

Because every case is different, each requires an individualized approach. If you believe you have been hurt by the malpractice or negligence of a medical professional, contact us office at (703) 638-7717 for a free case evaluation today.

If you have been seriously hurt, we will help you make a serious recovery. ®

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