Don’t be surprised by a license suspension or termination.If your doctor, osteopath, or podiatrist is licensed in Virginia, you can look up the status of their license, and find the history of any actions taken against them as well as any claims made and felony convictions. 

Find out what you can learn with a simple license lookup on  

Basic Information On Licensed Health Care Professionals 

In Virginia, health care professionals are licensed by the Department of Healthcare Professionals (DHP). In some instances, out-of-state licensees are also tracked by the Virginia DHP. Patients can use the resources provided by the DHP to learn more about their doctor and try to receive the best quality of care.  

VA License Lookup for Virginia Healthcare Professionals

The Virginia Department of Health License Lookup maintains an index of (unexpired) licensed health care providers, as well as providers whose licenses have expired since 1/1/2000 on the DHP website. The database includes information on over 30,000 doctors, podiatrists, and osteopathic doctors licensed in the Commonwealth.  

This database contains information which can be useful in researching health care professionals because each professional’s profile shows not only the history of licensure, but also documents actions taken against the licensee. In addition to basic license information which is kept up to date by the licensing board, healthcare providers are required to furnish additional information. This includes practice information, office locations, education, years in practice, certifications, and  affiliations. This information can be useful in medical malpractice investigations. 

NOTE: For Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons, the Board of Dentistry maintains a separate database. You can use that database to investigate dental malpractice claims. 

Health Care Professional Profiles 

Each health care provider profile contains the following information. The licensing board regularly updates this information from license applications and board actions: 

  • Name of Licensee 
  • License number 
  • Date of issue of license 
  • Date of expiration of license 
  • Virginia Board of Medicine Notice(s) or Order(s), if any 

Each health professional licensed by Virginia is also required to self-report and regularly update the following information: 

  • Practice information (location(s), telephone number(s), translating services, percentage of time spent at location(s) 
  • Education 
  • Years in active clinical practice 
  • Board Certifications 
  • Hospital affiliations 
  • Academic appointments 
  • Publications 
  • Medicaid participation 
  • Actions 
  • Felony convictions 
  • Paid claims in the most recent ten years 

The above is required to be self-reported under penalty of law, however the board does not verify information provided by licensees, so it is important to verify all information. 

Virginia Medical Board Case Decisions 

Decisions by the Department of Health are available online. You can search the records by date, or view all case decisions in the last 90 days. Case decisions include everything from licenses granted to mandatory suspensions and terminations. 

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