We at Wallace Wason, PLLC are happy to be joined by third year William &  Mary Law School student, Arianna White, this summer of 2024. We asked Ms. White about her experiences, what motivates her passion for the law, and what she might say to others who are interested in a career in trial law.

About the W&M Law School Experience

Grateful for Gray Spaces

William & Mary Law School Logo“The most interesting aspect of law school (for me) would be the nuances or gray spaces within the law.  It was not what I was expecting; naively I was hoping that there would be far more black letter law and our judicial system would be black and white.  While I was a little disappointed as my expectations were false, I found new love for the gray spaces which take up our legal field.  I am happy it didn’t work out the way I predicted since the gray areas make the law far more interesting.   

I am grateful for the wide array of organizations and activities at W&M and my membership in many of these programs has helped shape me as a law student. Specially, my involvement in the National Trial Team has helped honed my courtroom skills and allowed me to gain invaluable practice experience in trial advocacy.   

Entering my 2L year I was elected as Financial Counsel where I was responsible for managing the team’s finances, budgeting, and fundraising efforts. This leadership experience had equipped me with invaluable skills including time and financial management, strategic planning in balancing tens of thousands of dollars with allowances for emergencies, and effective communication to the school finance office as well as the trial team competing members. Moreover, I am happy to state that I was re-elected to my position for my 3L year and am honored to accept my position on the executive board.   

This organization solidified my passion for litigation and trial advocacy, and I am confident that this will grant invaluable practical experiences as I pursue a career in litigation.” 

Volunteering and Mentoring

The Importance of Second Chances:

“Throughout my academic journey, I have actively participated in volunteer programs aimed at supporting and mentoring youth in the juvenile justice system. During my undergraduate studies, I volunteered with “Justice for Juniors,” a program dedicated to working with minors in the local juvenile detention center. This experience allowed me to gain valuable insights into the challenges faced by these young individuals and the importance of providing them with guidance and support.   

Currently, as a law student at William & Mary, I have continued my commitment to this cause by volunteering with “Merrimac Mentors.” This initiative focuses on mentoring minors within the juvenile detention center, with the goal of reducing recidivism rates and limiting the school to prison pipeline.  

Through these programs, I have had the opportunity to build meaningful connections, offer academic and personal support, and serve as a positive role model.  These volunteer experiences have been incredibly rewarding and have broadened my perspective on the complexities of the juvenile justice system, as well as reinforcing my belief in the power of mentorship and the importance of providing second chances to those who have faced difficult circumstances.” 

A Mentor in Litigation – Wallace B. Wason, Jr.

The Opportunity to Learn

I am excited to learn practical skills and real legal experience.  It is wonderful learning case law and abstract legal theory but there is a learning curve in applying that to the real world and actual legal practice. Mr. Wason has been a wonderful mentor who allows me to attempt projects while giving constructive feedback and guidance.   

Specifically, I hope to enhance my legal writing and communication skills and drafting of clear and concise legal documents.  With just a few weeks at Wallace Wason, PLLC, I have already shadowed Mr. Wason in meetings with clients, expert depositions, and attended a conference.  I am enjoying the fast-paced nature of the firm and eagerly anticipate the valuable experiences this summer.  

Interested in a Legal Career?

I would encourage others to pursue law school by jumping in. The application process, the LSAT, and waiting for decisions to come in is all overwhelming but in the end, it is just a means to an end.  I would also recommend that prospective students keep an open mind and not worry about having it all figured out on the first day of law school.  Take classes that interest you and enjoy the three years: they pass by fast!  

We Welcome Arianna White to Wallace Wason, PLLC!

Wallace Wason, PLLC is pleased to be working with an outstanding clerk this summer, and are happy to have been selected by this promising student of law.

Headshot image credit: Alanna Reynolds, used with permission